Solgas Australia Pty Ltd

Solgas Australia Pty Ltd is a leader in the business and technology of refrigerant recycling and reclamation, specialising in both liquid and gaseous CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants. Solgas provides cost-effective and environmentally responsible lifecycle management of refrigerants from sales, to reclamation, to ultimate disposal. 

The reclaiming of refrigerants requires not only specialised facilities but, critically, specialised analytical equipment so as to ensure that the final product is tested and certified to comply with the ARI 700 standard. Solgas maintains in-house analytical facilities, equipment, and procedures to ensure such compliance. 

Services offered by Solgas include: 

• Full refrigerant reclamation facilities

• Banking of customer-owned reclaimed refrigerants

• Filling of customer-owned cylinders

• Supply of new refrigerant cylinders

• Pre and post reclamation analysis

• Pump down, reclamation and waste cylinders

• Cylinder washing and recertification.

Solgas Australia Pty Ltd is an associate of Solvents Australia Pty Ltd.



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Mona Vale NSW 2103

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