MTA (Australasia) Pty Ltd

MTA is a global manufacturer and supplier of commercial and industrial water chillers for both industrial process and HVAC applications. Covering a cooling capacity range between 1.4 to 1200kWR with cooling only to reversible heat pump configurations.

MTA products cover a large application range from industrial process cooling requirements such as wineries, biogas solutions, laser cooling, and compressed air dryers, through to traditional chilled water air conditioning systems. 

The MTA product range includes cooling-only and air-to-water heat pump chillers, purpose-built laser chillers, heat/cool multifunction units covering both air and water-cooled condenser configurations, with high efficiency and low noise options. 

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Unit 4/12–14 Apollo Drive
Hallam VIC 3803

Contact: Frank De Jong
Phone: 1300 304 177
Fax: 03 9702 4948

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