UAP Solutions Pty Ltd

UAP Cooling provides precision air conditioning and commercial HVAC products throughout Australia.

Products include: 

• Precision cooling and HVAC products, CRACs and lab/archive room units

• Process coolers and medical chillers, leak detection systems

• Condensers and dry coolers

• Computer room air conditioners

• Adiabatic AHU’s

• Air and water-cooled chillers

• TurboCor chillers

• Environmental monitoring systems

• Humidification systems

• Water, acid and fuel leak detection.

UAP Cooling has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth and a support network of trained service agencies throughout Australia.


Contact Details

Unit 11, 2-4 Sarton Road
Clayton VIC 3168

Contact: Gary Hitchman
Phone: 1300 886 270

Email :