Proud manufacturer and supplier to the Australian HVAC industry since 1961, with a quality range including: 

• Inverter air-cooled heat pumps - rooftop packages - ducted splits - floor/ceiling type - cassette type Inverter water-cooled heat pumps - packaged and split type.

• Air-cooled rooftop packaged units up to 200kw

• Air-cooled split ducted units up to 200kw

• ‘In-built’ economy cycle for air-cooled rooftop packaged and split ducted units

• Air-cooled total fresh air/heat recovery units - rooftop packages - ducted splits - swimming pool applications

• Air-cooled wall-mounted splits/ceiling cassettes/floor-under-ceiling units

• Water-cooled heat pumps - packaged and split type

• Chilled-water fan coil units

• Chilled-water air handling units

• Energy recovery ventilators

• Customised A/C equipment to meet project specifications.

Dunnair’s range and models are among the industry’s best. For your specific project requirements, our dedicated engineering and sales staff are always glad to work with you by providing informative technical and product support.

Contact Details

140 Bernard Street
Cheltenham VIC 3192

Phone: 03 8586 8200
Fax: 03 8586 8201

Email : salesaust@dunnair.com.au