A-Gas (Australia) Pty Ltd

A-Gas is a global re-packager, distributor, reclaimer, and re-processor of speciality chemicals and gases. We offer a full suite of refrigerants and industrial gases to the refrigeration and air conditioning market. A-Gas has a large fleet of returnable cylinders both for refrigerant and industrial applications. All cylinders and valves are of the highest quality and are certified for use in the Australian market. 

Our high standards of quality and integrity are maintained and supported through the A-Gas specialist on-site laboratory and rigorous quality control programme. Each cylinder has a unique ‘hard stamped’ serial number allowing tracking of our fleet across the market using our state of the art ‘Gas-Trak Online’ system. 

The A-Gas product range includes:

• HCFC and HFC refrigerants

• Opteon™ HFO refrigerants

• Environmental services

• Carbon dioxide (R744)

• Ammonia (R717) 

• High purity nitrogen

• Solvents

• Oxygen

• Acetylene

• Hydrocarbon refrigerants

• Precision™

• Trace-A-Gas™

• Braze-A-Gas™

• Analytical services (Refrig Health Check™).


Contact Details

9-11 Oxford Road
Laverton North VIC 3026

Phone: 1800 002 427
Fax: 03 9368 9233

Email : info.au@agas.com